Alisa takes commission mythic portraits on a limited basis. Typically, she prefers a private face-to-face meeting (either in person or via Zoom) to talk over painting details - a necessary process so she may achieve the emotional landscape, sentimental beauty, and physical elements of the painting, including ancestral or culturally important detail. She works from photography, and can create a work of art representing any individual, including ancestors who have passed on. She will also sometimes paint mythic portraiture of beloved farm animals or pets - send her a note of inquiry to get the conversation started.

Prices vary depending on the elements of each painting, and range in size from 14x18 to 28x32, with 16x20 being the most common size and most easily shipped.

Prices begin at $500 for a 16x20, with a non-refundable $150 deposit to secure initiation of process.

Paintings can be shipped worldwide.

Contact Alisa to set up an appointment.