Alisa Esposito, Noble Orphan Artist

Alisa’s Bio


Alisa Esposito is a child of immigrant European grandparents from Italy, Great Britain, Poland and Holland. Her Italian great grandfather passed through Ellis Island at age 13 in the early 1900’s, carrying the name Esposito, a name given to all Italian orphans from the region of Napoli. The surname Esposito means “little Orphan” and Alisa’s first name carries the meaning Noble, hence Noble Orphan Art.

Alisa paints mythic portraiture in oil in the Magical Realism genre. She has painted throughout her life, but set the brushes down when her three children were born. When her perceptions of reality were blown open in the mythic rupture of her own life, she picked up oil painting at the urging of a friend. Alisa is grateful for the common ground she’s now honored to share in capturing other’s stories in richly detailed mythic imagery, to which she adds storied elements of cultural expression, alchemy, sentimental beauty, magic and ancestral inheritance.

A dedicated traveler of the West’s many dark and winding rabbit holes, when she’s not painting you can find her popping seeds in the garden between fits of poetry writing at her sweet little renovated Chatham NC farmhouse, and at such renegade learning halls as Stephen Jenkinson’s Orphan Wisdom School and Martin Shaw’s School of Myth.

Other projects

SPARKROOT - Alisa directs Sparkroot, a gathering place for wondering about what it means to be a modern human in these strange and troubling times. How might we revive our imaginations, decolonize our minds, and make our way toward a more beautiful world for our children’s children? Sparkroot brings in culture changing teachers, organizes poetry, myth and storytelling evenings, and hosts a shaggy little band of unschoolers and all their shenanigans.

GOAT MILK SOAP - Handmade goat milk soaps (made by Alisa’s and her children) are available for purchase at Sparkroot Farm in Moncure and at Etsy.

GO CONSCIOUS EARTH - Alisa serves on the board of Go Conscious Earth, a grassroots non-profit organization which protects one million acres of Congo Basin Rainforest, including 100 villages and their ancestral land rights, as well as bonobo and elephant habitat.

HEART2HEART - Alisa is a Death Doula working with heart2heartnc in death culture change, offering individuals and families holistic alternative care during dying time, death and beyond.

GREEN BURIAL - Alisa serves on the board of The Sanctuary at the Burrow, a 1.75 acre conservation/green burial ground in Moncure, NC.

ABUNDANCE NC - Alisa works in the creative department of Abundance NC, assisting in culture change and community resilience event programming design and support.

WRITING PROJECTS - Alisa is engaged in a number of transformative and challenging writing projects, including the story of her husband’s life as it was tragically intersected by the industrial disease ALS, poisoned land, endangered species and the cultural poverty of the West.

PARTNERSHIPS - Chef Kabui and Alisa are collaborating on development of a “Permaculinary” Academy at Sparkroot, growing our own food and teaching food sovereignty, based in African wisdom.

Looking Ahead…

ETSY - (soon to be offered)

Prints and Cards - popular paintings will be offered in limited edition prints and card collections.